Fuck A Summer Midnight Dream Pt.1

Lets just get going by saying that this could be a romance novel or a comedy romance or just straight up random thoughts that pop into my head at this hour. A title fitting its setting is nothing new to these type of novel, however, what is new one may say is the era and age we live in right now. What seem normal to us ten years or even maybe five years prior to us might seem like the things cave man would do. Everything around us are changing, taking different shapes and volume everyday but there was one thing that always been the same to us and that is love. No I’m not talking about the way we express love never that but rather the way we experience love. Honestly, love has been the topic of humanity ever since the big bang was created and up till now i have seen no different in today human society. So why love you might ask? Well let me take you to a journey of a time where love blossom for the first time in a human life time and that is adolescent love. The love where every teenager in this world has at least been through once in their lifetime. It is what we called innocent love or puppy love but it is kind of cruel when you put it in term like that. This is a magical time where teenage boys finally have the guts go confront their soft side and learn when to put down the tough and heartless image of a macho man to put on a sweet and caring loving face of a weak fragile baby. It is also a time for teenage girls to learn to accept the responsibility of being a woman for the first time and being look upon as the goddess of beauty and love. Those phrase describe what puppy love means but that does not justify adolescent love there is more than just sweets and sugar around this term. Through this teenagers also learn the meaning of betrayal, heart break and depression. They will learn that not all fairy tales are meant to have a happy ending but rather a lesson to be learned. So prepare yourself for a heartbreaking, tear-jerking, joyful laughter journey of two teenagers finding what so called adolescent love.